Quarantasei SRL Cantina
Contrada Vicenna, 5/A
65020 Castiglione A Casauria (PE)
Abruzzo · Italia

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Low Environmental Impact Integrated Farming


Our Values

Our wines are one of a kind, the result of the symbiosis between soil and man and of sustainable farming practices that protect the environment. Respecting the environment is a task Tenuta Secolo IX is fully engaged in, and this is why our wines are not just products of nature but also very much a part of Italian culinary tradition.


Our Philosophy

Our production philosophy focuses on the wise and meticulous management of our vineyards: that is where great wines come from. We implement an ``integrated farming`` system, meaning with low environmental impact, through the coordinated and streamlined employment of all production factors aimed at minimizing the use of techniques that have an impact on the environment and the health of consumers. In the winery, during the processing of the grapes into wine, our main goal is to preserve the quality of the raw materials as best we can. Our intention is to transfer all the goodness of the grapes into the glass, in a simple way. Every stage of the production process is painstakingly kept under control, with physical equipment preferred over chemical technology. Because cross-flow filtration greatly reduces microbial populations in wine, we are able to substantially reduce the use of sulfites. Fine wines can only be obtained using a ``gentle touch`` in the winery.

Not only wine!

Tenuta Secolo IX grows and trains 650 olive trees in multiple plots of land, sloping down and covering the whole farm area, from the steep hill of Coste San Felice up to the highlands of Contrada da Vicenne.