Quarantasei SRL Cantina
Contrada Vicenna, 5/A
65020 Castiglione A Casauria (PE)
Abruzzo · Italia

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Our Grapes

The favorable and unique soil and climate conditions in which our grapevines grow convey unparalleled taste and bouquet to our wines. We grow dark and strong grapes, with cherry and marasca cherry hints. From them, we obtain our Montepulciano d'Abruzzo DOC and the Cerasuolo d'Abruzzo DOC, very prestigious wines from Abruzzo that are so popular and loved all over the world. In addition to the typical Pecorino d'Abruzzo IGP, our white grapes give us the dry white Moscato IGP, an aromatic wine with an unparalleled flavor and the most prestigious Moscatello Passito Colline Pescaresi IGT.


Moscato and Montepulciano

The land at the top of the Farm is the steepest and most extensive which required partial terracing. It features a large and thick chalky, marly clay outcrop. We use it to make the passito or dry Moscato and the aged red Montepulciano wines.



The establishment of the Tenuta Secolo IX winery was the upshot of a will and desire to breathe new life into this most exquisite grape variety, part of the history, tradition, and wealth of this land for over 13 centuries. It was its prestige that in ancient times made the Moscato from Castiglione a Casauria a commodity of trade between the peoples who lived or traveled across the region. Depending on the type of processing, it can either become a delicious and aromatic dry white wine or a passito - therefore a sweeter wine - known as ``Moscatello``, which is so popular and appreciated for its balance of sweet and savory notes.


Cerasuolo and White Grapes

This plot of land is nearly level with looser clay limey soils rich in rock fragments, minerals and lower field capacity. We use it to grow early white grape varieties such as Pecorino and white Sauvignon, Montepulciano for Cerasuolo, Trebbiano in a small plot and spumante Moscato.


Our Experiments

The widely predominant training system consists of rows with double Guyot pruning. There are small plots where we experiment with Moscato grapes trained using tall rows and the Pergola system. The planting density is over 4000 vines per hectare. All the rootstocks used, having low to low-medium vigor, provide considerable or high resistance to active lime.


Winery and Cellar

The winery's state-of-the-art equipment was designed to maintain the integrity of the grapes.
A complex cold-based technology, soft pressing in an inert atmosphere, cross-flow filtration and the prevalent use of steel for ageing are some key factors of the winemaking process to make a wine that is the truest, most honest and genuine expression of our land.
The small cellar with controlled temperature and humidity contains small barrels for ageing the red wine and the fermentation and later ageing of passito. The slow evolution of wine requires patience, as its long stay in wood (then in the bottle) is one of the key elements of fine wine.

Not only wine!

Tenuta Secolo IX grows and trains 650 olive trees in multiple plots of land, sloping down and covering the whole farm area, from the steep hill of Coste San Felice up to the highlands of Contrada da Vicenne.