Quarantasei SRL Cantina
Contrada Vicenna, 5/A
65020 Castiglione A Casauria (PE)
Abruzzo · Italia

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Welcome to a place
that smells of history and traditions

Our vineyards are based in Tocco da Casauria, at the foothills of Mount Morrone, in the heart of Abruzzo. A place where monumental mountains, hills and sinuous valleys embrace ancient villages cherishing traditions. This one-of-a-kind environment inspires Tenuta Secolo IX as it blends the craft and mastery of ancient wine and oil-making techniques which have been passed on to this day. Constant research and care for tradition are the keys to making uncompromised high-quality and genuine wines.


Our winery sits along the bed of the Aterno-Pescara River in a valley surrounded by the Mounts Morrone and Majella, where constant breezes from the sea and mountains cool and dry the grapes, which are warmed by the sun during daytime.


Wind is a constant presence in our region, drying and keeping the grapes healthy, with sharp
temperature changes from day to night and lots of sunshine in the summer months to help the grapes wither.


The soil in our 22-hectare estate vineyard is high in clay content. As clay retains water, it facilitates the build-up of sugar in midsummer to help the grapes develop and wither naturally to become our prestigious Moscatello Passito.


The vineyards are VSP trellised in rows using a Guyot pruning system.


Grapes are harvested by hand, with the whites picked at night when temperatures are cooler.
After pressing the clusters, the must is left to settle for 48/72 hours at low temperature and then transferred to the alcoholic fermentation stage at 16° with selected yeasts. Following alcoholic fermentation, the whites are aged in steel for 6 months while Passito is refined partly in steel and partly in oak for 36/48 months, depending on the vintage.


Tenuta Secolo IX History

First vine planting
First harvest
Vineyard renewal
winery doubles in size, labels and logo are changed.
The Tenuta Secolo IX brand lands on the market

Our Wines

All our expertise and passion go into making wines able to offer unique sensory experiences with inimitable flavors. We employ integrated farming practices and we process our grapes with the utmost care and attention to details.


We are committed to
making fine wines that please your palate and enrich your soul

The favorable and unique soil and climate conditions of our grapevines give unparalleled taste and bouquet to our wines. In the winery, during the processing of the grapes into wine, our main goal is to preserve the quality of the raw materials the best we can. Our production philosophy mainly focuses on the skillful and meticulous care we give to our vineyards because that is where great wines come from.


GRAPE VARIETY Our White Berry Varieties

GRAPE VARIETY Moscatello   A modern-style Passito wine from

GRAPE VARIETY Montepulciano The Mont

GRAPE VARIETY Our Red Berry Varieties   A noble rosé, the

GRAPE VARIETY Our White Berry Varieties   From our selecti

GRAPE VARIETY Pecorino This variet

Not only wine!

Tenuta Secolo IX grows and trains 650 olive trees in multiple plots of land, sloping down and covering the whole farm area, from the steep hill of Coste San Felice up to the highlands of Contrada da Vicenne.